Belden PatchPro® Intelligent Patching Solutions for Data Centers

The latest addition to the Belden IBDN product portfolio is Belden® PatchPro®, a family of intelligent patching products that can be combined to provide complete and cost-effective intelligent patching solutions for applications in which network security, reliability and operational uptime are critical. Belden PatchPro® is particularly suited for data centers, airports, finance, government, healthcare and educational campuses.

Building on state-of-the-art market technology, Belden PatchPro® offers a complete intelligent physical layer management, using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This facilitates the wireless identification of cables and real-time monitoring of unintended physical changes in the network infrastructure. These are automatically detected and transmitted to the software platform, so immediate action can be taken. The ability to identify and correct any unwanted changes brings greater security as well as a significant cost reduction.


The easy-to-use three-way real time signalling system significantly reduces the time needed for correction of unwanted changes and minimizes downtime. Continuous monitoring of the network infrastructure provides transparency and the ability to make immediate adjustments brings greater efficiency. Another key benefit is the availability of automated documentation of the databox, saving time and cutting down maintenance costs.

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