Effective power distribution for data centers

New from Belden, a highly flexible range of standard and non-standard Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that help to achieve maximum uptime in the data center while at the same time saving costs by improving energy efficiency and overall system reliability.

Fitted with multiple outlets, Belden PDU devices are designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment. Reliability is key, especially for data centers. Belden PDUs are able to deliver basic reliable power distribution is required or, when required, intelligent management for mission critical applications.


Intelligent monitoring PDUs allow local or remote viewing and alarms for issues that can arise at the outlet, breaker, circuit and aggregate level. With the advantage of seeing current and/or power usage feedback in an instant, the chances of overloading a PDU when adding, removing or adjusting equipment is minimized.

All PDUs fully complement the Belden family of networking products, and are totally compatible with all Belden IBDN connectivity products and solutions. Used as part of a fully integrated Belden IBDN solution, in which all components work together seamlessly, they deliver superior performance and are fully supported by the most trusted name in the industry.

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Power Distribution Units (PDUs)