Belden Wire and Cable GreenChoice™ Products

GreenChoice™: the right choice

Belden Wire and Cable supports its customers’ drive for greener and more sustainable solutions by focusing on reducing the ecological impact of its products.

Some of the key GreenChoice™ products include:



Longer lifecycle solutions without sacrificing reliability; high-density solutions that cost-effectively yield more space; exclusive and innovative cabling management solutions that improve energy efficiency.


Belden AngleFlex Patch Panel

Providing 27% space savings per rack while facilitating intuitive cable management and improved airflow.


Belden 10GX and FiberExpress™

Significantly reduce installation labor and waste, with up to 50% material reduction; space savings and longer lifecycles.


Belden FiberExpress™ Ultra Patch Panel System

Maximizes space and scalability by supporting up to 96 fibers in a 1U space, the highest density available.


Belden Power and Thermal Management products

Save space; monitor and control temperature; and deliver efficient three-phase power distribution for better load balancing, increased airflow and reduced material usage.


In the entrance room,

Belden GigaBIX, 110XC IDC Systems and wall-mount FiberExpress™ patch panels save floor space at demarcation points, and in zone distribution areas, 10GX and CAT6+ ultra high-density patch panels and distribution frames manage high-density connections in less space.


In the main and horizontal distribution areas,

solutions like Belden System 10GX and FiberExpress™ provide maximum data transmission to and from core switches and storage area networks while AngleFlex, High-density Racking Systems and AEHC systems facilitate space savings, management and energy savings.


In the equipment distribution area,

Belden high-density solutions save space while enclosure systems and power and thermal management work together to efficiently keep equipment cool and reduce power consumption. In the storage area network, Belden FiberExpress™ pre-terminated assemblies and management deliver high-speed transmission, capacity and density.


In cabling pathways,

Belden 10GX smaller-diameter cables save space and improve airflow while high performance copper and fiber data transmission reduces early product obsolescence and supports IP convergence and consolidation for improved efficiency and reduced waste.