Safe-T-Line Cables

Circuit Integrity Cables

3-hour Fire Rated Cables

Belden offers a full line of BS 6387 and LPCB approved Fire-resistive, 3-hour rated New Generation Circuit Integrity (CI) cables.

The Safe-T-Line Cables from Belden ensure continued operation of a building's EVAC systems in event of fire. ABS-aproved CI cables are suitable for shipboard applications or handling controlled shutdown situations in industrial environments.

  • The most economical choice to meet the 3-hour circuit integrity code requirements
  • Easier to terminate and install: User friendly aluminium-polyester Beldfoil shielding tape
  • A large variety of cables to meet your individual needs
  • Meet the CI requirements: BS 6387 CWZ
    C: resistance to fire at a temperature of 950 °C for 3 hours
    W: resistance to fire with waterspray for 15 minutes at 650 °C
    Z: resistance to fire with mechanical shock for 15 minutes at 950 °C
  • LPCB approved
  • Resistance to fire for unprotected small cables used in emergency circuits for 2 hours as per EN 50200
  • Riser rated FPLR cables as per UL 1666
  • Low smoke, halogen free cables with operating temperature of up to 105 °C
  • LPCB Approved CI Cables
  • Industrial 3-hour Rated CI Cables
  • Shipboard 2-hour Rated CI Cables

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Safe-T-Line Cables from Belden meet the most stringent circuit integrity requirements on the market.