ECE R118 - Approved Data, Coax and Microphone Cables

Keep bus and coach passengers safe in the event of a fire with tested, flame-resistant industrial cabling.

The United Nations’ new fire protection standards for cabling used in the European transportation industry is designed to improve passenger safety. Belden offers data, coax and microphone cables that meet the strict requirements of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) for use in buses and coaches.

These ECE R118-approved cables balance safety with speed – offering fast data transfer rates (up to 10 Gb/s) housed inside a fire-resistant jacketing. The cables’ flexible nature also enables them to be easily installed in small spaces and bent around tight corners.


Belden’s ECE R118-approved cables

  • Meets required standards – adhere to Europe’s new safety and fire standards for the transportation industry with cabling that is tested and approved according to the ECE R118 standard.
  • Balances safety and speed – protect passengers in the event of fire with flame resistant data cables that deliver on the expected data speed demands of today’s customers.
  • Installs easily – speed up installation and maintenance time with more flexible cabling that can bend around tighter corners in small spaces.

  • Prevent or reduce the spread of flames in case of a fire within an individual transportation vehicle, such as a bus or coach
  • The cabling is ideal for any transportation setting where passenger safety, fast and reliable data communication and video and microphone signal quality are a priority
  • Bus manufacturers and suppliers looking for cabling to install in passenger areas will benefit from these cables’ ruggedness and flexibility
  • The cables are specifically useful in small spaces, given their more flexible nature

  • Compliant with ECE R118 standard for bus/coach systems
    – Jacket material resistant to flame propagation
    – No harmful toxins emitted
  • Data transmission rates of 100 Mbit/s (Cat5e, 2-pair), 1 Gb/s (Cat5e, 4-pair) and 10 Gb/s (Cat7)
  • Video and microphone applications (50 Ohm Coax transmission cable and star quad microphone cable)
  • More flexibility options (tighter bend radius) via 19-strand copper conductors, to bend around corners without affecting signal transmission
  • Easily identifiable after installation through a distinctive blue cable jacket (10 Gb/s only)
  • Halogen-free and oil-resistant options
  • Customized cable design to withstand vibration, EMI and mechanical stress for maximum reliability
  • Options also approved to international railway standards
    – EN 50155, Class TX
    – EN 45545, Class R15 and R16
    – DIN 5510-2
    – ISO/IEC 11801, 2nd edition

ECE R118.02-Approved Data, Coax and Microphone Cables:

Description Data Rate Datasheet
PROFINET Cat5e (AWG22/19 QUAD) S/FTP LSZH Cable 100 Mbit/s BE43769
Cat7, 4-pair (AWG 24/19) S/FTP LSZH Cable 10 Gb/s BE43802
PROFINET Type B, Cat5e (AWG 22/7) LSZH Cable 100 Mbit/s BE43885
Cat5e, 4-pair (AWG 26/7) F/UTP LSZH PATCH Cable 1 Gb/s BE43886
Cat7, 4-pair (AWG 23/1) S/FTP LSZH Dca Cable 10 Gb/s BE43887
Wireless Coax, AL PVC 50 Ohm Transmission Cable - H155A00
Wireless Coax, LSZH 50 Ohm Low Loss Transmission Cable - H155A02
Star Quad Microphone Cable (AWG 26/30) PVC - Y64695


Additional Certifications Available Upon Request

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