DataTuff® Industrial Ethernet Cable Selector

Optimize your costs by guiding you to the best and most suitable technology for your needs.

How to Select the Right Industrial Ethernet Cable (Bulk cable)

The comprehensive DataTuff® Industrial Ethernet cable and connectivity range ensures the highest level of reliability, quality and performance. Specifiers can choose from products suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, for use underground, and for other harsh conditions. Cordsets come with RJ45 and IP20 protection.

At the end of 5 key decision points, the customer reaches a part number that answer the particular needs of the specific application:

Type of Application

First step is to identify the application of the cable, by understanding where are the cables needed, as of the picture below:


Permanent Installation range is suitable for cabinets, control rooms and telecommunication rooms: enclosed environments, where vibration is limited. In these applications, a solid conductor is the right choice, future-proofed with high bandwidth capability.

Moderate Flexing range is aimed at the factory floor and work areas where there are raised levels of vibration, and cables are likely to be exposed to oil, chemicals, rough handling, abrasion, UV radiation, temperature variations, and electronic noise (EMI and RFI).

Continuous Flexing range is for use on the machine itself, where vibration and temperatures are high to very high, and the need is for highly flexible cabling resistant to trailing and torsion, as well as a high level of connectivity protection against liquids.

Belden Bulk cable for:


Data Rates Requirements

Identify the maximum needed data rates for your application. Belden cabling meets all data rate requirements, ranging from 100 Mb/s, through 1 Gb/s, to 10 Gb/s.


Type of Jacketing

Belden has the broadest line of industrial grade cable & cord sets in the industry with PVC, FRNC, TPE and PUR jackets.


Belden bulk cable for:


Unshielded vs Shielded

Belden’s complete portfolio of shielded Category 7, Cat 6A and Category 5e Systems offer superior performance, outstanding reliability and effective noise immunity in the most demanding installation environments.


Both shielded and unshielded technologies have proven effective in providing noise immunity, and each approach has its own comparative strengths and advocates. So the question of shielded versus unshielded is really a matter related to each network’s specific needs and the network manager’s preference, comfort and choice in addressing those needs. If that choice favors shielded, then a Belden Shielded Cabling System provides superior performance and reliability in even the most demanding networking environments.

Bonded vs Twisted Pair (Nonbonded-Pair)

Belden’s Patented Bonded-Pair Technology:

  • No gaps between the conductor pairs means that the conductor-to-conductor spacing, or centricity, is always uniform
  • With a uniform centricity, the cable offers excellent and consistently reliable electrical performance
  • Installable Performance® is achieved – the affixing of the insulation of the cable pairs and the uniform centricity translate to superior electrical performance, even after the cable has been subjected to the bending, pulling and twists inherent in the installation process

DataTuff® Industrial Ethernet Connectivity Selector

After specification of the related Ethernet Protocol, the selection of a suitable patch cord is the same as for the Bulk cable (Step 1-5). In additon the type of connector and the type of protection needs to be selected:

Type of Connector

DataTuff® RJ45

Type of Protection

For safety, electrical equipment must be protected from any external interference. This is ensured by enclosures which protect the electrical equipment from contact with dangerous parts and prevent ingress of solid foreign objects, dust, humidity and water.


Length Selection Table for CAxxx* Patch Cords