Belden DataTuff Industrial Ethernet Cable and Connectivity Products:

Best Fitted Range for All Industrial Ethernet Applications

The Belden DataTuff® Industrial Ethernet cable and connectivity range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, for use in harsh and/or extreme environments. Belden DataTuff® comprises the broadest line of industrial grade cable and cord sets available in the market today.

  • Widest choice for best fit
  • Robust enough to guarantee the highest levels of reliability and performance
  • The Industrial Ethernet Cable Selector Guide helps to identify the right part numbers

Specifiers can choose from products suitable for

  • tough industrial applications
  • applications exposed to oil, chemicals, rough handling, abrasion, UV radiation, and temperature variations
  • other harsh conditions

Designed for all industrial applications:

  • in the cabinet
  • in the control rooms
  • on the factory floor and work areas
  • on the machine.

The DataTuff® range features patented Belden Bonded-Pair technology, for applications where the cable is pulled, twisted and stepped on during and after installation, offering excellent and consistently reliable electrical performance

Options include

  • Cat 7 and Cat 5e,
  • PVC, FRNC, TPE and PUR jackets
  • shielded or unshielded
  • twisted pair and bonded pair
  • with RJ45 and/or M12 connectors
  • in IP20, IP67 or IP68 protection
  • data rate requirements, ranging from 100 Mb/s, through 1 Gb/s, to 10 Gb/s.

Other choices include

  • solid and flexible/stranded conductors
  • trailing and torsion Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET cables with resistance for more than 2 million cycles
  • trailing bonded pair cables which withstand up to 10 million cycles.

To help IE network designers and specifiers navigate through the DataTuff® portfolio’s vast range of options, Belden has introduced the Industrial Ethernet Cable Selector Guide to help customers identify the right product for their specific application.