ECE R118.02-Approved Data, Coax and Microphone Cables

Keep bus and coach passengers safe in the event of a fire with tested, flame-resistant industrial cabling.

The United Nations’ new fire protection standards for cabling used in the European transportation industry is designed to improve passenger safety. Belden offers data, coax and microphone cables that meet the strict requirements of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) for use in buses and coaches.

These ECE R118.02-approved cables balance safety with speed – offering fast data transfer rates (up to 10 Gb/s) housed inside a fire-resistant jacketing. The cables’ flexible nature also enables them to be easily installed in small spaces and bent around tight corners.


Belden’s ECE R118.02-approved cables

This standard was put in place to prevent or reduce the spread of flames in case of a fire within an individual transportation vehicle. You can feel confident knowing these cables were put to the test and passed the rigorous requirements of the ECE.


  • Meets strict ECE standards for transportation industry
  • Keeps passengers safe with flame-resistant jacket material
  • Installs quickly and easily in small spaces with a flexible design

This helpful Product Bulletin provides more information about Belden’s ECE R118.02-approved cables: