Belden launches railway-approved high temperature Cat 7 Ethernet data cable

New RailTuff™ data cable supports a superior travel experience by delivering additional bandwidth for expanded Ethernet applications

Belden RailTuff™ BE43802, a new Cat 7 Ethernet data cable designed specifically for the passenger railway market, should make a significant contribution towards the integration of communications networks, passenger safety and comfort, and operational efficiency.


Belden BE43802 is designed for the transmission of data and signals using Ethernet technology, predominantly for on-board communications.

An extension to Belden’s proven portfolio of cables for reliable high speed (100 and 1000 mbps) data communication networks, Belden BE43802 data cable will enable operators to integrate more services for passengers as they drive to deliver a superior travel experience. Its transmission performance of 10,000 mbps provides higher bandwidth for increased data transfer in expanding networks.

  • Future Proof
    - 10Gb/s transmission performance
  • Safety
    - Maximum operating temperature on the market
    - 90°C, exceeding the 85°C short term temp. requirement in Class TX of the EN 50155 railway standard
  • Efficiency
    - Operational efficiency with 19-strand copper conductors
    - Small bend radius allows for easy and risk free installation within limited spaces and bulkheads without any effect on signal transmission

The new cable is designed for the transmission of data and signals using Ethernet technology, for on-board applications.

Key areas of application include:

  • Train Consist Network (TCN)
  • Passenger information and entertainment
  • Multimedia Services
  • Security and surveillance
  • Train diagnostics
  • Fare collection and ticketing
  • Communications Based Train Control (CBTC)

The cable’s highly stranded conductor offers increased flex life and the unique cable design supporting improved operational efficiency whilst assuring passenger safety and comfort.

  • The halogen-free flame- and oil resistant cable is unique in having a maximum operating temperature of 90°C, exceeding the 85°C short term temperature requirement in Class TX of the EN 50155:2007 railway applications standard. This makes it a particularly safe option for use on passenger railways.
  • The 19-strand copper conductor provides added flexibility and flex life, and its small bend radius allows optimal installation within limited spaces without any effect on signal transmission. A combination of braid and foil shielding provides superior resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and high strength.
  • A distinctive blue cable jacket makes identification after installation easy.

Belden RailTuff™ Ethernet Data Cables