Bring different worlds together

Active Components from Telecast Fiber Systems

Active components are described as those that require electrical power to operate. On the other side they are more and more important to deliver flexibility in a professional installation.

Nowadays signals should run from copper to fiber, from BNC to ST, from high-professional products to common products. Interfaces are needed to converge different technologies together.

  • Orders may be placed directly through Telecast Fiber Systems only. Fax orders to Telecast at +1-508 752-1520.
  • Alternately Inquires or orders may be directed to Ed Miley, Director of Intl. Sales at
  • Products are shipped FOB, Worcester, MA 01605.
  • The Rattler units will be shipped in standard cardboard boxes, unless sold as a kit in the Pelican Cases.
  • Terms are NET 30 days.
  • Warranty remains at one year.