Belden Audio Cables

Professional Audio Production Cables

Microphone Cables

Belden microphone cable is used for connecting low level microphones. Key properties of microphone (MIC) cables are ruggedness, flexibility, flex life and interference immunity. Low impedance MIC cables use balanced 2-, 3- or 4-conductor (quad) designs.

Line Level Analog Audio Cables

Belden analog audio cables are used for connecting line level audio equipment, in either permanent or semi-permanent installations. They consist of one or two individually oilshielded, twisted pairs. Once installed, they are not intended to be moved while in operation.
For cables that are in motion during use, refer to the microphone and musical instrument cable section in this catalog. Belden’s analogaudio cable range consists of several designs to handle a variety of audio applications.

Analog Multi-Pair Snake Cables

Specially designed for the broadcast industry, Belden’s full family of multi-pair audio “Snake” cables feature different options and constructions for virtually every application.

AES/EBU Digital Audio Cables

The specification for digital audio was developed jointly by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) & European Broadcast Union (EBU). The key difference between twisted pair specifications for digital audio cable and standard analog audio cable is the impedance specification. AES/EBU, with its broad tolerance, allows cables with impedances from 88 Ohm to 132 Ohm to be used. Standard analog audio cable impedance is 45 Ohm to 70 Ohm. This amount of potential mismatch can result in signal reflections and jitter, causing bit errors at the receiver. For this reason, Belden recommends 100 to 120 Ohm shielded twisted pair cables.