Networking: Mobile Audio/Video and Data (Copper)

Many system designers and installers routinely try to use Category 5e or Category 6 cables for A/V applications. By the nature of their design, category cables are twisted pair cables with 100 Ω impedance. This fits into the AES/EBU impedance specification of 110 Ω ± 20 %. In general, in a digital audio cable the impedance is the critical electrical parameter, not just capacitance as in analog audio cables. As a bonus the low capacitance from Belden category cables makes them excellent for use as analog audio cables.

CatSnake® Tactical Category 5e and 6a Patch Cable

Belden offers 4-pair CatSnake® Category 5e and 6a cables for use in:

1) Digital audio transfer over conventional data cabling. These commercially available solutions are:

  • CobraNet™
  • EtherSound™
  • Roland’s DigitalSnake™ (cross-over cables)

For some insight on maximum transmission distance, click on button:

2) DMX over Ethernet

Single-pair Category 5e Patch Cable

This robust 100 Ω UTP with 24 AWG stranded (7 x 32) bare copper conductors is truly new, filling a user-requirement gap that has previously gone unaddressed. AES/EBU digital audio cable, 1353A, is a robust single-pair Category 5e patch cord that utilizes Belden’s exclusive bonded-pair technology for outstanding reliabillity in both indoor and outdoor applications.


Today’s high resolution video displays are often run as component video (RGB, VGA, Y/R-y/B-y etc.) These delivery systems split the signal into its component parts. Such as system requires high performance cables that exhibit low signal skew (delivery timing of each component) and low return loss (reflections caused by impedance variations). Typically, these systems utilize bundled coax for the cable interconnects. Increasingly, however, system designers are turning to category (twisted pair) transmission equipment to distribute component RGB video due to category cable’s economy over coax. The use of category cables also allows for the facility owner to use the same cable for premise LAN wiring – eliminating the need for two separate cables. To meet this new video/data category requirement, Belden has designed a new series of cables.