Belden Residential Cables

A House is More than a Home

The intelligent home is here – a living, working, entertaining, learning place. Cables tie the whole experience together providing high quality, superior performance, proven reliability and wide choice to meet all the needs of changing technology and the demands of the discerning consumer.


Key Applications

  • Home office
  • Audio/video
  • Climate control
  • Window shade automation
  • Lighting

Key Products

Every Belden® cable (and connector) is subject to the industry’s most rigorous quality control process. Individual or single application cables are available for any data, video, audio, control or security need, including:

  • Category 5e UTP and optical fiber cables for multimedia, voice, video and data use.
  • Coax cables for HDTV, DBS, CATV, SVHS, CCTV, S-Video, SPIF and cable modem applications.
  • High-conductivity (oxygen-free) speaker cables for audio distribution.
  • Paired, unshielded cables for control applications.
  • Non-category, Cat 5e and Cat 6 low skew performance UTP cables for video signals over twisted pair cables.
  • One-piece connectors and tools that facilitates fast and easy cable connection.

Composite Cables – Without a Jacket

Composite cables simplify a multiple use installation by combining Belden data cables, coaxial cables, paired and multi-conductor cables and fiber optic cables in a single-pull product.

Installation of these cables means that residential properties will be ‘future-proof’ – ready to embrace the next generation of home entertainment and new technology. This makes a property more saleable and more attractive to the buyer. Belden Banana Peel® composite cables feature a patent-pending design that eliminates the need for an overall jacket, making the cables easy to handle, identify, pull and terminate. All that is necessary is to peel the cables off the center spline. These cables are increasingly used for multiple installations in new homes.

Coax Cables with Belden’s Exclusive Duobond® Plus Shielding

Duobond® Plus consists of a Duofoil® II (foil tape) surrounded by an 80% braid and an outer layer of foil with a shorting fold. This unique construction provides optimum shielding effectiveness.

Brilliance® VideoTwist® UTP Cables

To meet the new video/data UTP requirements, Belden has designed a new series of cables. High resolution videos require high performance cables that have low signal skew and low return loss. Typically, these systems use bundled coax for the cable interconnection. Increasingly, however, system designers are turning to unshielded twisted pair (UTP) transmission equipment to distribute component RGB video because UTP is cheaper than coax. UTP cables also mean that the same cable can be used for premise LAN wiring – eliminating the need for two separate cables.

Brilliance VideoTwist® UTP cables offer the best low skew and return loss performance in the marketplace and are designed for quality video applications – plus they meet applicable TIA /EIA standards for data transmissions. The cables dramatically reduce installation costs but retain the appearance, feel and familiarity of a standard category twisted pair cable.

Bonded-Pair Data Cables to Provide the Assurance of Installable Performance™

With patented bonded-pair design, the cables are able to withstand the rigors of a typical installation without any degradation in performance. This means, for example, that the Cat 5e cable will not only meet the Cat 5e specifications before installation but, more importantly, it will continue to meet them after installation.