1683ENH Category 6A U/UTP Cables

  • Multi-megapixel surveillance cameras
  • Access control systems with building automation system integration
  • Network video recording

Most building owners want to prepare by futureproofing their networks, but assume that cabling costs are too high given budget constraints for upgrades.

Instead of downgrading product specifications, accepting poor networking performance or postponing convergence to save money, consider a new cabling solution that provides the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Belden’s 1683ENH Category 6A U/UTP Cables provide the best TCO when compared to other Category 6A UTP, Category 6, Category 5e and non-IP cabling. They also offer:

  • The industry’s fastest installation
  • 3-second connection time (twice as fast as industry standards)
  • No future cabling upgrade requirements
  • Improved building management and control
  • Reduced space requirements

1683ENH Category 6A U/UTP Cables


Lower Your TCO on Cat 6A U/UTP and Future Proof Your Building Network ...