Belden’s New European Patch Cord Range Offers Unmatched Performance

Designed to be used as part of Belden IBDN copper systems, our updated 10GX and CAT6+ modular copper cords offer unmatched performance for use in high-density installations such as data centers or telecommunications rooms. Their performance exceeds all parameters specified in the Category 6A standard and all performance characteristics have been set to guarantee transmission performance up to 625 MHz. With short lead times from order to delivery, these patch cords can be delivered in both standard and customized lengths quickly for maximum efficiency.


New Part Numbering Scheme for Copper Modular Cords

In addition to updating our range, we have also simplified the ordering process. From 29 April 2013, we are introducing a new intuitive product coding scheme to facilitate the efficient ordering of customized patch cord and pigtail configurations as well as specified lengths.

This new intuitive and simple-to-use ordering scheme will allow you to quickly create part numbers by combining the following three references:

  • Construction and termination – i.e. CAT6A Shielded
  • Color Code
  • Length code in mts

CB 005E - Belden 10GX, CAT6+ Modular Cords

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