Shielded Copper System

Belden now offers both copper technologies (unshielded and shielded). Shielded structured cabling systems are for higher alien crosstalk performance and noise immunity. These technologies deliver the following benefits:

Shielded Pair Technology

  • Save cost: through reduced installation time. Cables can be installed close to electrical cabling. The shield protects the inner electronic circuits against any kind of interference - no detectable Alien-NEXT.
  • Improve system uptime: eliminate impact of EMC on data flow
  • Support future growth plans: beyond 10Gb/s Performance
  • Maximize performance: guaranteed throughput of 625MHz
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Built-in reliability: with ultra-robust design to provide Installable Performance™
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Increase performance stability
  • Enhance durability: Belden’s 10GX Shielded Cabling Solution is ergonomically sound and features high quality fully metal robust modular jacks
  • Reduce total cost of ownership: meet the most demanding performance objectives
  • Protect your technology investment


Be certain, Belden IBDN shielded copper products delivers 10GBase-T bandwidth. The proven concept of structured copper cabling delivers a perfect base to step up to the next generation, applying well known techniques in component installation. Effective installation of all electrical cabling together with shielded data cables is no longer an issue.