FiberExpress® Ultra High Density Rack-Mount Fiber Connectivity System

The elegantly simple solution for incorporating flexibility, manageability and scalability into high-density fiber channels.


With support for both legacy ST and SC and modern LC and MPO applications, the FX UHD offers cost effective migration from current 1G and 10G to 40G and 100G applications with only a simple cassette or adapter frame change – and it includes all the installation and management features needed to maintain maximum uptime.

The FX UHD System provides superior port access and protection with up to double the density of comparable units for a 50% space reduction. The intuitive, modular design of the system also means fewer components and a single system to support a variety of port counts and configurations.

The FX UHD System includes a wide range of pre-terminated cassettes and field-terminated frames to support virtually any high-density fiber connectivity need by offering:

  • Easy configuration for a variety of applications with LC, SC, ST and MPO modules and better density with up to 72 LC Duplex or MPO ports per 1U
  • Faster installation with lighter weight, tool-less removable drawers and overall fewer components
  • Superior access, fiber protection and port identification with sliding, tilting drawers, covered patch cord tray and clear visible labeling

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FiberExpress® Ultra High Density System Product Bulletin (Download PDF 1.5MB)

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