FiberExpress® Pre-Terminated LSNH Assemblies

The new line of Belden® low-smoke, no-halogen (LSNH) pre-terminated fiber assemblies offers faster data center deployment, better performance and easier scalability to next generation transmission speeds for overall lower total cost of ownership.

Pre-Terminated Fiber Assemblies

FiberExpress Pre-terminated LSNH Assemblies meet the fiber connectivity needs of a wide range of data center applications and densities. In addition to faster multi-fiber connections and switch turn-ups, these fiber assemblies ensure optimum performance with 100% tested factory termination and lower insertion loss while providing a seamless migration path from 10G to 40G and beyond.

Belden FiberExpress Pre-terminated LSNH Assemblies provide faster deployment today and an effective migration strategy for tomorrow, enabling a seamless transition to higher speeds with minimal disruption. With superior insertion loss performance and all the features required for flexible, easy-to-manage fiber connections, FiberExpress Pre-terminated LSNH Assemblies allow the same infrastructure to be used for both current and future needs without wholesale replacement of existing cabling and connectivity components.

Products available in this range include:

  • FiberExpress Multi-fiber Push-On (MPO) Trunk Assemblies enable faster deployment of multi-fiber switch-to-switch fiber backbone connections with architectural flexibility and easier migration from 10G to 40G and 100G.
  • FiberExpress Hydra Assemblies and Patch Cords are uniquely suited to meet a wide range of today’s networking and SAN switching environments, including MPO to LC for distributing multi-fiber connectivity and traditional LC, SC and ST applications.
  • FiberExpress Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies are engineered for maximum performance and superior quality, offering easy configurability with a variety of fiber counts and connector types for instantaneous installation in virtually any multi-fiber application.

New Product Bulletin


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